4 Professional Carpet Cleaning Methods to Consider

One big area of concern for homeowners seeking quality carpet cleaning services in Dublin is making a decision on which cleaning procedure to employ. Price, extent of carpet soiling, environmental states and type of fiber used usually persuade the selection of a carpet cleaning procedure. Here in this post we will talk about 4 most common professional carpet cleaning methods used today. So, let’s have a glance:
Steam Cleaning:
Popularly known as hot water removal, steam cleaning is a widespread procedure of cleaning carpets. While executing this procedure, water is heated to absolute temperature and infused into the carpet with high pressure. The boiling water fruitfully slackens the filth, and the cleaning tool instantly draws dirt and moisture out. Heavily grubby carpet often needs the utilization of detergent. Hot water extraction is efficient in eliminating odors and slaughtering germs and dust mites. 
Carpet Shampooing:
When it comes to professional carpet cleaning methods, carpet shampooing holds a special place. In this procedure a soapy chemical is dispersed over the carpet and rubbed in with a motor-driven spherical brush. This procedure works wonders for densely soiled, low-pile carpets. Since no removal procedure is concerned, the carpet should be vacuumed thoroughly to eliminate soil and remaining. However, a lot of carpet cleaning pros refer steam cleaning as more productive in comparison to carpet shampooing.
Bonnet Cleaning:
This carpet cleaning procedure is sometimes referred as dry cleaning procedure, but in reality it isn’t. Bonet cleaning makes use of a cleaning product, rarely combined with fizzing water, and multiplies it like a haze on top of the carpet’s surface. A spherical revolving shield or “bonnet” with a sponge coating is dash over the dirty area. As soon as the casing become soiled, it’s substituted with a spotless one. While the top 1/3 of the carpet is sanitized, dirt which has settled to the base of the stack remains behind. This cleaning procedure must be considered as a momentary solution for more intensive cleaning.      
Carpet Dry Cleaning:
The dry-cleaning process employs almost no water. A professional sprays a small volume of a porous element on top of the carpet and employs an automatic brush to clean it through the rug, softening the soil. The dirt and remaining are then drawn with the help of a vacuum cleaner. The dry cleaning process dries out carpets more speedily in comparison to any other cleaning process. Easily spoiled organic-fiber carpets, such as hemp and sisal benefit wonderfully from the dry-cleaning method.
So, now you have a thorough idea about the different professional carpet cleaning procedures. Now call a professional carpet cleaner in Dublin and ask him which procedure will suit your requirements the best. 
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Great Tips for Cleaning Pet Hair from Your Home

A pet owner is well aware about pet hair issues in a home, which are found everywhere. This does not make pet owners to trade their pets for anything, because we all love the innocence of the pets and their adoring attention as well as companionship, which is worth the furballs.

In order to ensure a hygienic living with your pet, some actions can be taken to reduce the pet hair issue and cleaning it up efficiently. Please read on!

How to Manage the Pet Hair Issue?

Brush your Pet:

You can’t stop the shedding but can brush your pet twice a week that will help to preemptively remove the loose fur. This will help in reducing continuous fall of pet hair here and there in your home.

Keep an Eye on Pet’s Favorite Spots:

Pet usually have their favorite spots like under the bed, beside the window and under the table. You can place a towel or sheet where they rest most often; so you can shake it off outside and wash it periodically.

De-fur your Clothes:

De-fur of your clothes are done by using the lint roller and dryer sheet, in which the sheet helps in removing the charge from the fur (in the cloth) that get trapped by the lint roller. In this way your clothes can be de-fur, which will assure in reducing presence of pet hair on the clothes.

Is Cleaning the Home will prove Effective?

Yes, it will prove to be effective! As a pet and house owner in Dublin, you should understand that cleaning your home will prove great in ensuring a healthy and pet hair free living space.

Essential factors to consider in cleaning a home:

Hard Floors and Corners:

Remember you should not vacuum hard floors because it can blow up the fur, instead of which it is considered best in using an electrostatic mop. In case of hard to reach corners, you can consider using Velcro hair roller, which can bend into the corners that will help in gathering up the pet hair with a latex glove, which will allow the hair to stick.


Run over your upholstered furniture in circular motions with lightly damp washcloth or dry sponge, which will help in releasing the fur. Apart from this a lint brush or upholstery tool can also work in removing the pet hair from the furniture. In case of wooden furniture, you can use a soft cloth with furniture polish or an anti-static dusting spray that will release the fur from your furniture.


In order to reduce the presence of pet hair, you should consider cleaning the carpet on a regular basis. Carpet or rug in a Dublin home is highly exposed to continuous nuances, which includes heavy foot traffic and play ground for kids & pets. In order to ensure a hygienic space free from pet hair, you must ensure an effective carpet cleaning in Dublin by skilled professional carpet cleaners. 

In this way you can be assured of having a clean and pet hair free home in Dublin, which will help in enjoying a hygienic and sanitized living space.

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